Accounting Essay

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1. I appreciate… 我感谢……
I really appreciate your making time in your schedules to attend today.
2.Thank you for… 感谢您……
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak about myself in this special occasion.
3. It is/was my honor… 我很荣幸……
It is my honor to introduce the president of our company, Mr. Jones.
4. On behalf of… 代表……
On behalf of our entire company, I want to thank you for inviting us to such an enjoyable Christmas party.
5. I’d be happy to…我很高兴……
I’d be happy to tell you about my experiences.
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-Please can you save your questions till the end.
-If you have any questions, I will be pleased to answer them at the end of the presentation.
-there will be time at the end of the presentation to answer your questions-so please feel free to ask me anything then.
-Don't hesitate to interrupt if you have a question.
-Please feel free to interrupt me at any time.
-Please stop me if you have any questions.
-If you need clarification on any point, you're welcome to ask questions at any time.
-Can I come back to that point later?
-I will be coming to that point in a minute.
-That's a tricky question.
-We will go into details later. But just to give you an idea of...
-I am afraid there's no easy answer to that one...
-Yes, that's a very good point.
-Perhaps we could leave that point until the questions at the end of the presentation
-I think I said that I would answer questions at the end of the presentation---perhaps you wouldn't mind waiting until then.
-I think we have time for just one more question
- Welcome to our company
- I am pleased to be able to welcome you to our company...
- I'd like to thank you for coming.
- May I take this opportunity of thanking you for coming
欢迎听众(非正式 )
- I'm glad you could all get here...
- I'm glad to see so many people here.
- It's great to be back here.
- Hello again everybody. Thank you for being on time/making the effort to come today.
- Welcome to

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