Accounting Is A Better Choice Than Nursing Essay

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My mother is pushing me to get a degree in nursing, but I’ve been telling her that accounting is something that I wanted to do in my life, but my mother doesn’t believe that accounting is a better choice than nursing. I understand my mother’s point that I should look for a career that offers good pay and job security but I know what I want and just like nursing, accounting has a lot to offer too. I saw a lot of benefits in working as a nurse or as an accounting and these are the money, the job outlook and the opportunity growth so I explained to my mother that if you compare them together accounting is as good as nursing.

First off the money that registered nurses earn is $31.48 per hour or as high as $68,540 annually working in government while the accountant earns $30.55 per hour, though working in the government is not the best choice for accountants like as it is for nurses but they could still earn as high as $66,530 working in the finance and insurance industry compare to working under the government for $61,490 only.
The median annual wage for registered nurse is $65,470 and $63,550 for accountants that is just $1,920 less and I’m perfectly fine with it because $63,550 is still a lot of money. I remembered my mother keep saying that I should work as a nurse in a hospital from what I researched working in a hospital as a nurse would earn me about $67,000 but I fine working for $64,000 for accounting…

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