Essay on Accounting Information Systems

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Chapter One
As accounting students we have studied a variety of accounting areas involving financial and taxes. The accounting information course appears to be a course that heads in a different direction then what we as students have become accustomed to. Speaking for myself I have always been drawn to the accounting field because it is a black and white area. In other words, there it is organized and has right and wrong answers, this leaving out the gray areas between right and wrong.
Accounting information systems appears to be throwing us into a whole new area of the study of accounting. The fine line between right and wrong is becoming smudged into a gray area. With accounting information system we are being thrown into an area
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However, this is not the case and these are only tools used for accounting information systems. Accounting information systems is a collection of parts such as documents, linked together to achieve a common goal such as collecting and reporting information needed by decision makers in the organization.
Majority of accounting information systems are formed of five general parts. These parts are inputs, processes, outputs, storage, and internal controls. The inputs of an accounting information system will be the source documents or raw data. The processes are going to be the activities that the organization completes to add value or use to transform the data. The outputs are going to come in various forms such as the general purpose financial statements, and other forms that can expand on knowledge that can help decision makers of the organization. When designing an accounting information system the organization is going to have to consider the type of storage they will want to use, if it will be electronic, paper, and where it should be stored. Then there is an internal control which is going to be the set of processes that ensure financial reports are reliable.
When researching accounting information systems on the internet it is important that we pick through the information that we find. This is in part because accounting information systems are a new area of study and there are a variety of other approaches to

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