Accounting Information System Essay examples

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1.4 How do an organization’s business processes and lines of business affect the design of its AIS? Give several examples of how differences among organizations are reflected in their AIS. An organization’s AIS must reflect its business processes and its line of business. For example: * Manufacturing companies will need a set of procedures and documents for the production cycle; non-manufacturing companies do not. * Government agencies need procedures to track separately all inflows and outflows from various funds, to ensure that legal requirements about the use of specific funds are followed. * Financial institutions do not need extensive inventory control systems. * Passenger …show more content…
c. To what extent should management monitor employee performance by, for example, using software to track keystrokes per hour or some other unit of time? If such information is collected, how should it be used?

Arguments pro and con can be generated about the effects of such monitoring on performance and on morale. Clearly, the specifics of any incentive schemes tied to such metrics are important.

d. Should companies use software to electronically “shred” all traces of e-mail?

Arguments can be raised on both sides of this issue. Try to get students to go beyond the legal ramifications of recent news stories and to explore the ethical implications of destroying different kinds of email.

e. Under what circumstances and to whom is it appropriate for a company to distribute information it collects about the people who visit its Web site?

Direct students to the guidelines followed by organizations that certify how various web sites use the information they collect. Students are likely to make the argument that personal information is inherently private and sacrosanct. To challenge that view, ask them about the legitimacy of developing and maintaining a reputation. Doesn’t that involve the divulgence and sharing of personal information among strangers? Ask the class if it is feasible (or undesirable) to totally prevent or prohibit such

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