Accounting Information System Paper

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Riodran Manufacturing, Incorporated manufactures plastics and has several different locations throughout the United States they have a branch located in Michigan which specializes in custom plastic parts, Georgia manufactures plastic beverage containers and California which is the head of research and development, as well as a joint venture location in China which manufactures plastic fan parts. Each location has acquired their own financial and accounting system and all data input into their own systems is sent to the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. They provide the information to corporate to be combined into corporates information systems. This information is provided to the San Jose location either by hardcopy reports …show more content…
The system is a virtual memory system that utilizes multiple workstations to enter data. Georgia also purchased a vendor developed software program however it was not the same program utilized by the Michigan location. This software utilizes a different operation system.

All four locations are connected though a wide area network (WAN) the connection from China and the corporate connection is connected though a satellite link. Each location has multiple workstation computers that are networked together. They also have multiple phone lines, printers, backup servers, power servers, routers as well as firewalls. The hardware used is sufficient to support each information system and prevent against the loss of data within the company. Riodran Manufacturing has covered all the necessary hardware requirements to protect itself from outsiders from accessing the information as well as in the event of a system failure. Where Riodran lacks is in the compatibility of each locations information system.

The information systems uses at each location are not compatible with each other however; the software applications are compatible the locations software. They are able to input the various data into their own systems the issues do not lie within the software or hardware that the company uses but only within the software’s compatibility to transmit the input data to the corporate office. With the

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