Accountant Career Research Paper

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My essay is about the job of a beginning/junior accountant. A beginning accountant does many things; the accountant prepares profit and loss statements, balance sheets and other financial reports. Some responsibilities of a beginning accountant are analyzing costs, trends, financial commitments, revenues. The accountant has a commitment to predict future revenues and expenses. The accountant also has the duty to offer suggestions about resource utilization, tax strategies, and assumptions underlying budget forecasts.

There are a few requirements to become an accountant. First off you may need a bachelor’s degree in your area that you specialize in and zero to two years of work in your field of work or related jobs. Most accountants will
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The health risks are that it can cause back, neck, wrist and eye pain. These problems are caused when accountants spend long hours sitting at a desk, staring at the screen of a computer or endless pieces of paper they have to go through at points. Back pains can also be caused by people sitting with a bad posture for extended periods of time. Accounting is also a very dangerous career risk too take because it is a highly technical career and requires a high education. The accounting industry is only supposed to grow in the next years and it will just cause more competition between people trying to get jobs.

All accountants get paid differently, depending on years of experience and your education and job title. An accountant coming out of college/university with the expected education can get paid up to $41,435 in their first year of working. The average salary at this position is $70,095 annually. The top salary at this position is $123,090. The benefits of being an accountant is you can do your own personal accounting and don’t have to pay someone else to. Another benefit is that there are a lot of career paths from accounting and could earn as much as $411,000 a year through promotions to other
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You need to be able to handle stress, for times when you are working long hours and have deadlines for projects. You need to be good at managing your time so you get your work done on time. You need to be able to learn and adapt always to gain more knowledge and be good at your job. You need to be organized for when you have multiple jobs going on at a time. You also need to be smart because you are held to high standards and expected to be able to have a professional judgement to make appropriate decisions for companies, when telling them how to move forward.

The reason that I chose to do this job is because I could possibly see this being a future job. I like this job because it is very challenging and I enjoy a challenge and having to keep learning new things. Another reason I like this job is because no to days are the same in accounting. You are always given different situations and you have to constantly learn new strategies and adapt to new situations. I really like all the aspects of this career and could see myself doing this as a job in my life because I think it would be fun and a

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