According To Howard Zinn, Christopher Kissinn And Bartolome De Las Casas

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Register to read the introduction… Although he did discover America, there are quite a few significant reasons he should not be considered a hero. For instance, his discovery was accidental. He was looking for an alternate route to Southeast Asia. Another reason; he slaughtered, exploited and, overall, abused the natives who greeted him so kindly upon his arrival.

4.) Zinn disputes Henry Kissinger’s statement “History is the memory of states”, because he thinks that no one should take the memory of their nation as their own because he states in his book that “Nations are not communities and never have been.”

5.) Zinn’s basic criticism was that Morison told the truth about Columbus quickly and buried deep in the center of his book, and then moved on to things more important to him. In Zinn’s opinion, that is much like lying, or hiding the truth.

6.) Bartolome de las Casas, originally a conquistador, was turned a priest and promoter of peace in the Americas after what he’d seen happen there. Some of the issues las Casas make public involved the brutality of the new, Spanish inhabitants. Las Casas noticed how little they cared for the life of the native people. For instance, las Casas wrote about two Spanish men who, after an encounter with a native, decapitated him for the ‘fun’ of
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Zinn even states that “human relations were more egalitarian than in Europe.”

Chapter 2:

1.) The root of slavery in America came from the disposition of those who took over the land of the Indians thinking that they were better and more significant than all other human life forms. That is really the only way a human could possibly treat another as property rather than an equal.

2.) The Africans were considered “better” slaves than the Indians because they were more defenseless because of a couple reasons. They were completely un-armed at all times, they were 1,000s of miles away from their homes and they were less familiar with the language their captors were using.

3.) Zinn states that in many ways, the African customs were better and more admirable in many different ways. However, he also says that the readiness to sacrifice human lives and its abundance of hierarchal privileges, it was not

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