Accomplishment Rewards For High Quality Essay example

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As I read through the book, some parts of it definitely stuck out to me more than others. These parts stuck out to me because of how I resonated with what the author was writing. I definitely feel intrinsically motivated when I have a sense of competence and a sense of progress. These are both examples of accomplishment rewards. When I took the StrengthFinder test, my biggest strength was that I am an achiever. As an achiever, it follows that I feel most rewarded when I am rewarded based on accomplishment. Competence is something that motivates me greatly. Feeling as if I have the ability to do a task, and to do that task with high quality, is very rewarding to me. This is especially true if it is a task that is challenging, I have not done before, or I have put a lot of effort into it. When I feel competent, I do tasks to a higher quality and have more fun doing so. This intrinsically rewards me.
An interesting aspect of this, for myself, is that I am also a very competitive person. My second biggest strength is competition. So, I gain a lot of intrinsic reward out of winning competitions, or doing something better than someone else. This is not a bad thing and does not mean I wish for another person to do a task poorly so that I can out perform them, but rather, I seek to do a better job than their already good performance. After all, if two competitive people are competing, both people’s performances will improve greatly over time as they seek to outperform each other.…

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