Accident Detection and Reporting System Using Gps Gprs and Gsm Technology

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International Journal of Reconfigurable and Embedded Systems (IJRES) Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2012, pp. 49~54 ISSN: 2089-4864


Vehicle Accident Automatic Detection and Remote Alarm Device
Varsha Goud*, V.Padmaja** *Department of ECE, VNR VJIET, Hyderabad, AP, INDIA
** Department of ECE, VNR VJIET, Hyderabad, AP, INDIA

Article Info Article history: Received Mar 23, 2012 Revised Jul 2, 2012 Accepted Jul 12, 2012 Keyword: accident automatic detection micro electro mechanical system remote alarm device vehicle

The Rapid growth of technology and infrastructure has made our lives easier. The advent of technology has also increased the traffic hazards and the road accident take place frequently which causes huge loss of life
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The input power is step down to 12v DC from 230v AC power line by the power supply unit. The main module is the ARM controller which provides high speed processing of the data because of the pipelining technique and ability to be used as a 16 bit controller called Thumb. The main advantage of using this controller is its better performance with high code density. Whenever the accident occurs the vibrations are sensed by the vibration sensor and these signals are given to the controller through the amplifying circuit. If incase there is an rolls over of the car the angle of the rolls over is detected by the Micro electro mechanical system(MEMS) sensor and it is given as the input to the controller for further processing. As and when the input is received by the controller, the buzzer (alarm) is ON and the message is sent to the rescue team with the help of the GSM module. The rescue team reaches the site of the accident with the help of the location given in the message. The location or the geographical coordinates where the vehicle is present are detected by the GPS module.

Figure 1. Block diagram of Vehicle Accident Automatic Detection and Remote Alarm Device

An LCD display is provided to get the display of the tasks carried out. In some conditions where there are no casualties or when there is no need of the medical facility to the person, then the messaging can be terminated with the help of the switch provided in order to avoid wasting the valuable time of the

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