Essay on Access Of Patient Data Of Emergencies

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Access to Patient Data in Emergencies
Sarkar et al. (2010) developed an HER integrated into PHR with a menu bar that contained contact information, type of allergies, diagnosed diseases, and a record of current treatments. With the combination of patient information, medical history, and address in a wallet card, the information can be accessed during an emergency. It has been reported that six out of 10 healthcare providers could access the health information in the PHR during an emergency. An access to the PHR by the health care provider during an emergency is one of the most significant elements of the PHR program.
Chronic Disease Management
The Personal Health Records have been valued for use in the management of chronic diseases. It has been reported that 55 % of families that managed chronic diseases in one of their members are willing to pay extra money so that they can be able to use the user-friendly PHR in the management of various chronic diseases (Archer et al., 2011).
By using the PHR, patients have been able to learn about how eating lifestyle can be able to influence diseases associated with lifestyle such as diabetes and cancer. A study was done using a replica of an internet personal health application for self-management of cancer. It can extract data from PHR and put them on the patient’s iGoogle page. The healthcare departments for supporting decision in management of cancer can utilize the information. Web based PHR raises the frequency of adjustment of…

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