Stargirl Essay Examples

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A wise person once said, “If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection.” It may be difficult to accept people’s differences, but no one deserves to be rejected. We can benefit and learn from each other if we will try. Stargirl is a must-read book that teaches a valuable life lesson that holds true even for today’s teenager: you should accept people for who they and as they are. In Stargirl, the author uses conflict to teach that you should accept others as they are. For example, the author shows Stargirl is different when antagonist Hillari Kimble says, “I mean, if she’s real, she’s in big trouble. How long do you think somebody who’s really like that is going to last around here?” This means that Hillari …show more content…
For instance, in my personal life I have had a hard time of people accepting me for the way I am because I wasn't the one that was always popular throughout the school. Accepting people can be hard sometimes because the person may be different then what your use to. Teens are not used to accepting others because they want to stay in their little groups of friends that they know really well and they don’t won’t another person to join because they don't know them. Therefore, theres always one person who accepts a person for who they are and don't care what other people think. This theme is appropriate because it describes how teens shouldn't treat other people the way that the students treated Stargirl. Furthermore, it may be hard to accept people for who they are because I’ve experienced the same problem myself in my personal life. In life you have to work with people or go to school with people you may not like, but you have to be nice and get along with them. Teens have the most trouble with accepting people and getting along with others that they may not like but it’s life and one day you will have to work with other people that you may not enjoy. With out a doubt, all teens can learn from the author’s valuable lesson of accepting people for who they

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