Acceptance Essay On Becoming A Dog Trainer

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Acceptance Essay What makes a person wish to become a professional dog trainer in the first place? What makes a person consider being a professional dog trainer? Well, I can tell say this much, I wish to become one on account of me liking to carry out a positive change in the lives of dogs. What made me decide on becoming a dog trainer in the first place is my immense passion for dogs, I grew up around dogs. I believe I was three when I first meet with dogs, dogs that my parents owned. My parents owned three dogs, one of them was a male English bulldog, and the other two were two male miniature terriers. I remember my father and I once babysit a dog for a friend of my fathers. It so happens that the dog was another bulldog, but …show more content…
At Starmark Academy, I'll enjoy being able to train in a suitable training environment, that is something I can't get from a home study course. I would receive feedback from fellow instructors will I receive hands-on training. Starmark Academy would equip me with multiple teaching methods to handle a variety of dog breeds. I would likewise enjoy the opportunity to work with rescue dogs, giving me real-world experience with dogs of varying temperaments. Training at Starmark Academy wouldn't allow me to work with just dogs, but with people too, giving me an increase in confidence when I'm working with future clients. This training would prepare me to be ready to start a future career in professional dog training.
Being the person I am, my goals and aspirations in life are to improve the lives of others. By being a professional dog trainer, I won't just improve the lives of others, but carry out a positive change in the lives of dogs. Another goal in my life is to one day have a dog on my own to train and raise once I gain the skills of a professional dog trainer. Becoming a professional dog trainer means I can improve the lives of both dogs and people. I am a person who enjoys working with dogs and assisting people any way I can. Pursuing in becoming professional dog training would be a career I would

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