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Reaction Paper – Greed is No Respecter of Persons

Diann Cattani was a well-respected and trusted employee, a Mormon from a privileged, Christian family, and a graduate from BYU. She obtained all of the qualities that every successful corporation strives to gain in their employees. Catanni was smart, persuasive, likeable, dependable, and so much more. Her bosses, whom she referred to as “family,” trusted her with a great deal of responsibility within the firm. Those who knew her would have never guessed she was capable of felony fraud by stealing half a million dollars from the company. After graduating from BYU, Diann made her way to Atlanta where she began her first job at a newly established Human Resources consulting firm. Her
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She had the opportunity to steal $500,000 from the company due to the trust granted to her by her employer. She felt pressure to succeed once she experienced the extravagant lifestyle of high-status, million dollar individuals. Lastly, she rationalized with continuous false justifications for her decision to steal. Although an ideal employee with a moral, Christian upbringing, she was able to spiral out of control into an addictive scheme of fraud. Half a million dollars later, Diann’s bad conscience made her confess to the fraud, a decision that would result in life long consequences. She was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison and ordered to repay the damages of $500,000 to the company. She became a disgrace to her family as her husband filed for divorce and her parents had to take responsibility of caring for her 3 young children. Although she has served her time in prison, Catanni will forever pay the consequences of her actions. She still struggles to mend the relationship with her family, pay her debts and cannot obtain a job with benefits for a well-off lifestyle. Cattani is doing what she can to make up for her mistakes by traveling the country and speaking out about the damages of fraud and encouraging others to “Choose the hard right instead of the easy wrong.” Diann Catanni’s story ties into a great deal of the things I have learned in several of my business courses so far throughout the semester. First off, it is important for managers

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