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ACC307 Week 1 Discussion
"Taxpayer Rights and Maximizing Deductions" Please respond to the following:
After reviewing the scenario, discuss at least two (2) tests for claiming a dependency exemption for a child or qualifying relative, and identify major loopholes within these tests that the IRS would only detect during an audit. Provide specific examples of such loopholes.
From the e-Activity, select at least two (2) rights that most taxpayers may not be aware of that could reduce their fear or intimidation when dealing
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After reviewing the scenario, suggest as least three (3) methods that the IRS could use in order to determine if hobby and trade expenses meet such conditions. Provide specific examples of such methods. * Analyze at least two (2) of the IRS guidelines on the deductibility of expense related to vacation homes in order to determine the fundamental way in which taxpayers are likely to abuse them, and ascertain the most effective means for the IRS to detect taxpayer abuse. Provide support for your rationale.

Week 3 Homework Submission
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* Chapter 6: 13, 23, 41, 52, and 57 * Chapter 7: 13, 33, 34, 41, and 43

H&R Block Mini Practice Set 1 * Chapter 4, Problem 59

ACC307 Week 4 Discussion
"Tax Planning and Fiscal Policy" Please respond to the following: * After reviewing the scenario, discuss at least three (3) pros and three (3) cons for converting personal property to business use, and recommend at least two (2) implementation strategies that would increase the depreciable bases used to calculate depreciation expense. Provide support for your recommendation. * From the e-Activity, imagine that you have started a business and have purchased business assets, such as computer equipment, vehicles, and a building. Suggest at least two (2)

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