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Modern Accounting
Randy Keith
ACC 205
Melissa Weigl
April 23, 2012

Modern Accounting
Over the years modern accounting systems have changed for the better and the worse as well. The topic is, how have modern accounting systems made a difference in modern organizations? Before taking this course, it was unclear how accounting was used in businesses or the way it was formatted. Learning so much from taking this course, as how to analysis transactions and use these format correctly. I have used Excel spreadsheets in other courses and for my personal use but they do not compare the assignment in this course. I have learned how to successfully create balance sheets, income statements, and so much more. Lastly, I have learned what
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This controls the inventory in all stores and main warehouse by single scans. The scans come from the cashier ringing the merchandise that is automatically added to the order sheets. Larger companies such as Wal-Mart and Target provided the sales floor employees with handheld computers that track in store stock as well as inventory controls. These moderns’ scanners control the operations of the company, as employees work products to sales floor each item is scanned and tracked, then ordered automatically if needed.
While working at Wal-Mart, each employee was required to carry at least one per department. The handheld was the kiosk for the entire store. If provided inventory controls, counting and ordering methods. As well as accounts processes that would allow the employee to create worksheets to log in numbers and as well as operating cost. These handhelds are costly and very power as a desktop computer, which makes them useful and most improved modern accounts systems to date.
In addition to technology updated to improve accounts systems, the funds of companies have also been updated by the modern changes in organizations. The way information is processed and how quickly it can be changed or updated has improved business transactions. Financial information is available to organizations faster and easier by simply typing the needed data. The company is able to understand they information faster and easier without

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