Acc-640 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Essay

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ACC-640 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

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The final project for this course is the creation of an audit report with memos. Auditing is a valuable skill in accounting and business, as the odds are very high that you or your organization will be subject to a compliance, federal, IRS, internal, government, or revenue audit at one point in your career. Accountants are required to make professional judgments on both the financial accounting issues and internal accounting forecasts within their organization. The auditor must provide fair, unbiased, materially
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Choose one of the following companies: Walmart, Target, Sears, Kroger, or Amazon. You will be required to obtain the last two years’ worth of financial statements and a recent audit report. The internal audit group at the company is tasked with preparing for an upcoming revenue audit and analyzing the business risk internally to mitigate audit findings. You will conduct an internal audit of the company using the information gathered and create a report. Then, you will prepare appropriate memos analyzing the audit report you have prepared, while offering feedback and recommendations Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Procedures and Field Work: For this part of the assessment, you will begin your audit report using the information you have gathered to address the following elements pertaining to procedures and field work. A. Describe how you would conduct the audit process, incorporating the analytical procedures you would use to investigate selected business transactions. 1. What steps will you take to review the company’s business transactions? 2. What would your plan be to utilize these procedures? B. Explain the appropriate field work needed to review high-risk business transactions for cash and revenue. 1. What would you need to do in

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