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ACC 548 ACC548 Complete Course
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ACC 548 Week 1 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Briefing
Select a government entity of your choice. It can be a state, county, city, town, school district, or any other government entity. Preferably select one in which you have a vested interest, such as where you live, work or send your kids to school. Obtain the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the entity you selected. You should be able to find the CAFR on the web site for the government entity. If not, contract the
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Review the types of government funds used by the entity. Prepare a new Power Point presentation for the new Board members. The presentation should be between 8 to 10 slides and include the following: * A description of the purpose and characteristics of the general fund and special revenue funds. * A description of the purpose and characteristics of capital projects funds and debt service funds. * A list and description of the funds that your government entity actually uses, including the dollar amount of each fund.
Complete the followingexercises from Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting: * E4-3 * E5-6 * E6-4 * E6-7
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ACC 548 Week 2 Sources of Revenue
Prepare an Excel workbook that contains a separate spreadsheet for each individual government entity. The spreadsheets should list the following: * The principle sources of revenues for the general fund * The primary expenditures made out of the general fund of each government entity. In other words, how does the general fund get and spend its money. Be sure to include dollar amounts.
Brainstorm and discuss the commonalities and the differences between the sources of revenue and the types and amounts of expenditures for each entity. Discuss those differences among team

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