Acc 455 Corporate Taxation Complete Course Material Essay

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ACC 455 Corporate Taxation Complete Course Material ACC 455 Corporate Taxation Complete Course Material ACC 455 Week 1 Individual Tax Return Position Paper Suppose you have a concern about taking a particular position on a tax return. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discusses the following: • What are the primary sources of tax law?
• What are the secondary sources of tax law?
• What is substantial authority?
• What is the role of the courts and the Internal Revenue Service in interpreting and applying the sources of tax law? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Discussion Questions DQ 1 What business
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The text is Prentice Hall’s Federal Taxation 2010: Corporations, Ch. 3 and Ch. 5. Week Two Starter Question 1: o What are the alternative tax years available to a corporation? What factors should be considered in electing the tax year?
Week Two Starter Question 2: o What methods of accounting are available to a small business and to a large business? If the business decides to make an accounting methods change, how is this accomplished?

Week Two Starter Question 3:

o What are the requirements for the following deductions: U.S. production activity deduction, dividend received deduction, and net operating loss? Discuss any recent legislative changes.

Week Two Starter Question 4: o What is the legislative intent behind the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT)? Define tax preference items, AMT adjustment, and minimum tax credit. ACC 455 Learning Team Week 3 Problem Set Complete the problems found in Ch. 3 & 5 of Prentice Hall’s Federal Taxation 2010: Corporations with your Learning Team. • C:3-3 Discussion Question – Case Scenario on Tax Elections (Ch. 3)
• C:5-8 Discussion Question – Identify Items as AMT Adjustment or Preference (Ch. 5)
• C:3-37 Problem – Charitable Contributions of Property (Ch. 3)
• C:3-64 Tax Form /Return Preparation Problem – Knoxville Musical Sales Inc. Tax Return Preparation (Ch. 3) Read the scenario and respond to the questions.
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