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1. Recognition of concepts. Ron Carroll operates a small company that books entertainers for theaters, parties, conventions, and so forth. The company’s fiscal year ends on June 30. Consider the following items and classify each as either (1) prepaid expense, (2) unearned revenue, (3) accrued expense, (4) accrued revenue, or (5) none of the foregoing. a. Amounts paid on June 30 for a 1-year insurance policy
b. Professional fees earned but not
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By the end of December, one third of this amount had been earned.
Fixation provided $2,500 of services to Artech Corporation; no billing had been made by December 31.
Salaries owed to employees at year-end amounted to $1,650.
The Supplies account revealed a balance of $8,800, yet only $3,300 of supplies were actually on hand at the end of the period.
The company paid $18,000 on October 1 of the current year to Vantage Property Management. The payment was for 6 months’ rent of Fixation’s headquarters, beginning on November 1. Fixation’s accounting year ends on December 31.
Analyze the five preceding cases individually and determine the following: a. The type of adjusting entry needed at year-end (Use the following codes: A, adjustment of a prepaid expense; B, adjustment of an unearned revenue; C, adjustment to record an accrued expense; or D, adjustment to record an accrued revenue.)
b. The year-end journal entry to adjust the accounts
c. The income statement impact of each adjustment (e.g., increases total revenues by $500)
5. Adjusting entries. You have been retained to examine the records of Kathy’s Day Care Center as of December 31, 20X3, the close of the current reporting period. In the course of your examination, you discover the following:
On January 1, 20X3, the Supplies account had a balance of $2,350. During the

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