Academic Writing: An Analysis Of William Murray's Meaning

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Murray’s Meaning “Having made his living as a writer (including winning a Pulitzer prize as a newspaper columnist, writing textbooks, and publishing a range of poetry and fiction), Murray disagreed. Writing, he thought, is always personal, whatever else it is." (Wardle 65). Murray, in this literary work, takes the voice of an educator, and generates a grandfatherly narrative, even though this is an academic writing. The way he wrote this academic work portrayed the meaning behind the paper, displaying autobiographical influence throughout. He provided the audience with a great amount of work to portray different amounts of autobiographical influencing, he used some of his collective works, including a couple of poems, a future novel, and a …show more content…
This quote from Framing the Reading before the passage tells us who he intentionally wrote to; however, he is also writing to those that are interested in learning about writing. That could mean students, that are being taught how to write academically, taking Writing or English classes worldwide. Students that are just finding their narrative voice, whether it is an academic paper or fiction or everything in-between, giving them some slight direction when writing. His writing could also just be applied to readers, in general, seeing as how some of the points he makes state that everyone else also reads autobiographically. “A black may write another autobiography as mine is heard but translated by personal history.” (Murray 73). Subconsciously, our minds apply what we read to our life and essentially the writing becomes part of us as we read. The literature animates as we read our imaginations taking us on a journey, living vicariously through us. The work then becomes autobiographical of the writer and the reader if this is true. So Murray is essentially saying, the autobiographical nature of writing is what allows the writer and the reader to become more conversant with the

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