Academic Transformation of the College Students with Warning Status

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Children live in the present; adolescents begin to think about the future. Becoming an adult involves much more than becoming physically mature, though that is an important part of the process. The transition from childhood to adulthood also involves changes in patterns of reasoning and moral thinking, and adjustments in personality and sexual behavior. Though the process is complex, most adolescents cope reasonably well with their changing circumstances. (Kassachau, 1995)
Majority of the students fail to excel in their chosen career and academic performance as will others doesn’t really seem to care about the outcome of their decision/deed while other strive really hard/harder to excel. For example, after failing a test,
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According to his theory, there are some persons who are highly motivated by hope of success and others by fear of failure. Depending on the task, a person may have motivation and arousal can be expressed as motivational disposition, incentive or expectation. There is the awareness of what is going on, his deliberate tendency to anticipate the failures, to plan to and to take the risks.

Local Literature
According to lobaton (2003), trait plays a definite rose in coquitive learning. The trait of the student towards a subject or skill may be the primary and most significant determinant of how much one will remember and use such skill. In addition, calderon (1998) stated that age is a big factor in making one period different from another. A 6 year old boy cannot do to understand what a 12 years old boy can. Generally, older learners have more physical strength and higher level of comprehension that younger ones. Maturation and readiness are important are learning nature learners having greater capacity to receive instruction. On the other hand, gulmatico(2003) explained that traits are the most conspicuous aspects of the entire social life. It is a complicated mixture of same basic psychological person the negative and positive incentives that might motivate individual behavior towards are avcial to attitude. Individuals integrate various beliefs to arrive at an evaluation of an object, which is to determine how important it is to them. According

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