Academic Success Means Getting Good Grades Essay

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To me, academic success means getting good grades (A’s and B’s) in my all coursework and maintaining my overall GPA high and then finding a good job. Being a full time student, having a job, and having a personal life, things might not happen as planned. In order to gain academic success as well as have my life balanced, utilizing time very wisely is very important for me.

My week went well and most of the things happened according to the schedule so far. I had to make a few adjustments comparing to my ideal schedule. My activities were mostly based on studying like reading the text-books, doing assignments, quizzes, attending classes, commuting to work and school and beside that I spent time on eating, cooking, getting a good sleep, daily exercises, spending some time with family, and socializing. Looking through my calendar, on Saturday because of my household work, I was only able to read few hours than I planned and I adjusted this by cutting off time from shopping. Similarly, on Monday I spent long time with my family than the planned schedule, which I recovered on Monday by devoting time in studying longer. Other than that, my week went smooth.

The study plan helped me navigate my studies in an organized way. In order to make my week go well, make time for my studies, and complete my weekly coursework, the first thing that I did was I made a goal that I would follow and stick to my study plan so that I would not waste my time and utilize it wisely. Also I made sure…

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