Essay on Academic Success 2

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Academic Success

Answer each question below in at least 75 words per question, reflecting on your current abilities, and identify resources to strengthen your skills. Refer to the videos, readings, and other weekly assignments to help you compose your answers.

Your reflection
How would you define academic readiness?
Honestly I am not sure, I will say I have not been in school for over 10 years and I am very freaked out at that. I will give my all and use as many resources that I can to succeed. I have been looking all over all the tools available that are out there for help and this is awesome. This is a great school as far as I have seen. I have never had as much help in college before. When
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What strategies can you use to overcome these obstacles and be successful?
What I already do is I try to keep myself organized and I also write in a journal. I don't write in a journal on a daily basis I usually only use it when I am having a problem or when I am upset. Sometimes after I write in it I actually burn the paper so that I know what I was thinking was not acceptable. I also have had to ask for help in the budgeting department so I am starting to not be so proud/stubborn. I actually felt like I was stupid because I could not figure something out. I am coming to grips to this and asking I think too much lately. I am seeing a counselor two times a week to help me with my weaknesses and this works for me.
How does knowing your personal learning style help you be successful?
It helps me understand who I am and how I learn. I have always struggled with this and by knowing this I can implement this in my learning. However I do have weaknesses such as lectures with no visual aids and I am going to work on that weakness and prepare ahead of time. Possibly if I know what the lecture is going to be about I can do some research on the topic at hand so I can engage in class participation.
Do you feel you are ready for the academic and financial commitment of attending college?
I feel I am ready for the financial part due to I will not be paying for the financial part. Academically, I am a little scared and

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