Essay on Academic Stress Among International Students

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Does the huge amount of money spent on international students causes them academic stress
Most often when I see my fellow international students, when I ask them how classes are going, the response I often hear is that, they have so many papers to turn in. The problem is not the number of assignments, but they pressure to turn in a perfect assignment t get good grades. I say to myself must we be under this pressure at all times? This is not how school life should be, constantly under stress because of the money spent on tuition fees and general upkeep.
Quite a number of research has been carried out regarding academic stress among International students. The pressure to obtain financial support that is often limited to the international students contributes to their stress (Mori, 2000). “Academic stress includes the student’s perception of the extensive knowledge base required and the perception of the in adequate time to develop it” (Mori, 2000). For example, international student’s experiences of headaches, loss of appetite, or sleep problems may be attributed to a physical illness even though the complaints have no clear organic basis. ( Khoo, Abu-Rasain, & Hornby, 1994; Mori, 2000).
Purpose of the study
The aim of this study is to further explore the relationship between money and academic stress. Can huge money spent on international differently decrease their academic stress?
Operational Definitions
Money (Independent Variable). Trachtman (1999) present six…

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