Academic Resiliency Essay

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My vision for the community I live and work in is based on the Resiliency Theory-- the belief in the ability of every person to overcome adversity if important protective factors are present in that person’s life. The Resiliency Theory is founded on the proposition that if members of one’s family, community and / or school care deeply about you, have high expectations and purposeful support for you, and value your participation you will maintain a faith in the future and can overcome almost any adversity. When a community works together to foster resiliency a large number of our youth can overcome great adversity and achieve bright futures. Focusing this writing on schools in not meant to reduce the important role of family and …show more content…
My research supports the belief that children who fail academically often think themselves as worthless and stupid. Students who are appreciated and successful start to believe in themselves and to behave as though they have important contributions to make. My school provides all students within the various communities with a foundation that supports my PASS as well as academic success.
I firmly believe that becoming aware of one’s value system in regard to resiliency and health promoting behaviors may provide valuable insight into one’s actions. Sidney Simon (1974) writes that “our values give us the stars by which we navigate through life.” Indeed, the values that educators, parents, and community members hold are central to whether or not attention is directed toward promoting resiliency in family, school, or community environments. It is with the for mentioned that I approach my PASS and instruct my students. I want the students to recognize that what does not kill them will only make them stronger and wiser. In my SLC, my team and I emphasize the importance of bouncing back from whatever adversity that may be part of life.
In my experience as a leader and educator, I realize

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