Academic Regret Of College Essay

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“ As soon as the ink dries in the textbook, the information is likely to become obsolete or incorrect before it’s even handed to the student.” Today we are living in the age of technology where change is constant. Technology has a huge effect on education today. Education is all in the hands of a learner, and if you 're not an invested learner, then good luck keeping up with this day and age. The higher education game is under massive amounts of scrutiny today. Employers are complaining more and more that these graduates have no skills, that all they have is a degree on paper. Having a degree on paper makes you just like all the other 20 million college graduates that will graduate this spring and be in search of a career. What makes one graduate different from the others? When considering college, students must know what they are getting into. College is not …show more content…
Regrets for me have made me who I am today. My biggest academic regret of high school is focusing on how my education looks on paper, because I thought that paper defined me. I have learned more about myself and the way that I learn this year more than any other year in the past. my biggest academic regret was not attending my marketing class at the career cent last year. I have blossomed me into a benefit to society I have gained skill I didn 't think was possible until after I graduated. I’ve become an out of the box thinker and problem solver. This year I have really enjoyed my studies and I have learned more than ever. I know for fact that my grades on paper do not define me and my education this past year. My biggest accomplishment this year has been being able to be a more positive person and leave a better lasting impression on underclassmen because of my personal evolvement. My advice to next years freshmen is don 't waste your time thinking about what you will do one day, start building it because it’s never too

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