Academic Performance Should Be A Successful College Student Essay

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The university time is a special phase in each student’s life, not only in that they can learn more specialized and advanced knowledge here according to the majors they chose but also because it is right in the college campus they get themselves ready to step into society and make contributions to its development. From the moment we entered into the university gate, we should start making plans for the next four years of our college lives, and try to be become a fully developed college student considering all aspects of the definition of success. To all students, academic performance should of course be the top priority to them, yet since college students shall participate into social practice the moment they graduate from college, they should also prepare themselves for good socializing. For the above reasons, in this thesis, how to be a successful college student shall be discussed from two aspects: first from the aspect of academy and then from the aspect of socializing.
Attitudes towards academic matters are polarized in the campus. For some students, to be a successful college student means to learn required lessons, to pass the tests and finally to obtain the college degree. They take learning as a negative process and even just a compelling tool to achieve college degrees. There are also some students who think quite the opposite, they firmly believe in the saying “where there is a will, there is a way”. They take this attitude into their study and ignore other…

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