Essay on Academic Honesty And Integrity And Trustworthiness

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Academic honesty and integrity
Academic integrity means truthfulness and trustworthiness in knowledge. People, students and Teachers together should embrace the policy of truthfulness of knowledge, thus meaning that all scholastic task must react from one person’s effort. Rational donation from other people should be regularly and culpable recognized. Scholastic chore done in any different technique is false. (Dr, 2014)
Interpretation of Plagiarism:
Plagiarism is other people ideas, opinion or words without certainly supporting the point of the data. Student and teachers shall plagiarize intentionally (by copying work of other people without giving credits to the author or the writer or buying work from other people.) , or they don’t know what they are doing .Additionally, sometimes people forget to give credits or cite the author when they summarized or paraphrased their text or even forgetting to give credits for the idea in the first place. (Dr, 2014).
Avoiding plagiarism:
The correct action to prevent plagiarism is to clearly to cite and give credit to the author or the material in hand. Supplying decent citation to spoken and printed tasks when utilizing
• A different person interpretations , conclusions and approaches
• Data ,figures ,diagrams, illustrations and any examples of facts that aren’t typical information
• Reference of a different person oral or printed words
• Paraphrasing of a different person oral or printed words
(Academic Honesty & Integrity, 2015)…

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