Academic Essay - Military Leadership Theory

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Academic Essay - Military Leadership Theory


While researching the Military Leadership theory I was able to discover many interesting philosophies and ideals that transfer seamlessly to the business world. It is my belief that many of today’s organizations derive their structure to the military’s hierarchical structure and leadership model. This is evident by almost every organization’s “top down” management structure regardless of its size. As I will discuss, the military typically has a primary leader or decision maker and communicates commands down to the field personnel through various levels within the organization. This model is almost identical to what we see if most, if not all, of today’s business organizations
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These leaders typically include Captains, Squad Leaders, etc.)

- Organizational Leadership – Leaders influence through levels of subordinates and are responsible for establishing team objectives. These leaders typically include Colonels, Lieutenants, etc.)

- Strategic Leadership – Leaders at this level are primarily concerned with formulating the strategy behind its military’s offensive or defensive operations. Thusly, leaders are responsible for entire organizations. (Typically, non-commissioned officers.)[3]

Sacred Trust

The US Army believes that command is about “Sacred Trust”. Nowhere else do superiors have to answer for how their subordinates live and act beyond duty hours[4]. Of course, this isn’t entirely true. There are many examples of leaders outside of the military that are responsible for how their subordinates act outside of the work place. For example, coaches of sports teams, police chiefs and captains, to name a few. However, these examples have leadership models which closely resemble that of the military which is why leaders in these fields have the added burden of having to account for their subordinates actions outside of the workplace.

Leadership Requirements Model

The military also employs a Leadership

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