Academic Dropouts Are Increasing For Academic Retention Essay

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Recent research indicates that academic dropouts are increasing (Weissmann, 2014). How is it possible for academic dropouts to be increasing when the ability to attend school has grown beyond the traditional face-to-face learning? While the ability to attend school through online courses provides a wide range of possibilities for people of varied backgrounds and educational levels to excel academically and achieve a degree through higher learning, there are multiple factors contributing to the dropout rates, not only in the United States, but also in other countries throughout the world. Some of the contributing factors are financial, time management, family, educational preparedness, and mental health issues.
Initially, mental health is a contributing factor to academic retention because often, it is not diagnosed in adolescents. Both the United States and Australia have attributed academic dropouts to mental health issues (O’Keeffe, 2013). Daley (2010) noted, “A recent study by Cornell and Princeton discovered that one-fifth of their students were self-abusive (cutting and burning themselves, for example)” (para. 29). This is probably due to the disruption to what the students had known as normal day to day life. Before leaving home for a higher education, students had a familiar environment, friends, and family to support them. In addition, people are interacting more and more through phones and computers with advances in technology and losing interpersonal relationship…

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