Academic Dishonesty Is Not Ethical Essay

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Academic dishonesty is not ethical. Honesty is a key factor in morals; when a person commits some form of academic dishonesty, he or she is going against what is morally and ethically correct. Being honest is important because people will be more likely to trust that person and Lying immediately gives people a reason to not trust that person. Everyone makes mistakes but lying is not a mistake and people will not easily forgive the person that lied to them. If they lied once they could lie again. Academic dishonesty also goes against a person’s personal integrity of being honest with his or her actions and doing what he or she believe is right. If a person has good personal integrity, he or she would possibly turn themselves in if he or she were to do something that was considered academic honesty. By doing that he or she would be doing what they believe is morally correct and they would be honest about his or her own wrong doings.
What if a student sees his or her classmate cheating, should he or she report it? Telling a teacher that a student is cheating is the right thing to do, but his or her classmates may not treat them the same after. Reporting a classmate who is cheating is good to do because it is all a part of honesty and fairness. Committing academic dishonesty gives that student an advantage to get a higher grade than everyone else if he or she is not caught in the act. Cheating is also going against morals and ethics; it is not right to cheat so the student…

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