Academic Dishonesty And Its Causes Essay

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Undertaking a study into academic dishonesty and its causes are important to every educator. There is a culture of cheating among the “Net Generation”; they are presented with messages daily that everyone is doing it so it must be ok (McCabe et al., 2012). Examination of cheating behaviors and the steps needed to prevent them are imperative to understanding what educators and administration must change to improve the dissemination of knowledge to the students in their charge. The assessment of a student’s mastery of the requirements of the course and their overall knowledge of the material are adversely affected by academic dishonesty, and the possibly put the public at risk in certain careers. For these reasons, academic dishonesty must continue to be examined, discussed, and prevented if possible.
The thesis began with the premise that academic dishonesty was at the highest rate ever seen by educators. It had grown to epidemic proportions and was spiraling out of control. The plague of misconduct was believed by this researcher to be substantially higher in the online learning environment than that of the physical classroom.
Six related questions formed the basis for the research undertaken. Is there an epidemic of academic dishonesty? Has academic misconduct risen in the 21st century with the advent of the Internet and the myriad of electronic devices now in use? How do gender and generation affect the amount of cheating? Why is this phenomenon occurring? If…

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