Academic Dishonesty : An International Student Perspective Essay

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According to Merriam- Webster dictionary, the definition of cheating is, “to break a rule or law, usually to gain an advantage at something”. Cheating is commonly found in schools all over the country, even from prestigious school like Harvard and Duke. Many cases of academic dishonesty involve international students. According to Denise Simpson, who wrote, “Academic Dishonesty: An International Student Perspective”, the amount of international students coming to the U.S to attend a school has increased dramatically over the years. International students come from places all over the world with different cultures and values. Many students come from countries where they are taught that cheating is acceptable. Then the students come to the U.S to study where they are thrown into a different culture that views academic dishonesty is frowned upon. As students try to acclimate to their new surroundings, they may not know or have time to learn all the rules the university has about academic dishonesty so academic dishonesty cases involving international students are justified in certain situations.
International students have different morals that cause them to think that they weren’t cheating. In eastern cultures, collectivist cultures are very common; a collectivist culture is where people tend to put the needs of the people around them before themselves and are encouraged to work in groups. Students who grow up in a collectivist culture are more likely to “cheat” when their…

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