Academic Benefits Of High Rigor Courses Essay

1043 Words May 9th, 2016 null Page
The current study examined participation in a rigorous high school curriculum and the corresponding outcomes related to college enrollment, persistence, and graduation. Because participation in high rigor college preparatory courses is related to college success, it is expected that students participating in courses with high rigor would also have a greater likelihood of enrolling in college immediately after high school, persisting in college through the second year and graduating from college within six years after graduating from high school as compared to student who do not take high-rigor courses. A sample of students from a suburban high was used to test this hypothesis, and the results confirmed a positive relationship between participation in high-rigor courses and college success. This relationship was evident even after controlling for relevant students ' demographics including gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. The academic benefits of the high rigor course participation are discussed. Additional recommendations are provided as to how to bolster the district 's ability to broker the link between high school and college to promote equitable distribution of resources to students and families. Institutional commitment to acting as an agent in linking students to college will help to further eliminate the persistent disparities that exist nationally between advantaged and disadvantaged students.
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