Academic And Social Experience At Uncc Essay

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Throughout my academic and social experience at UNCC, I plan to accomplish and pursue various goals. First of all, academics has being my top priority since middle school. Putting academics before anything else landed me the opportunity to attend an early college high school. In a nutshell, I was able to graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts by the end of my senior year. That alone was a proud accomplishment for me and my family because, I was the first to receive a high school degree and college degree in my family. Because of personal issues I was not able to attend a university the next academic year. A year pass by and now I am now at UNCC eager to advance my education. Throughout my stay here at UNCC, I plan on focusing on four major goals. The most important goal be to maintain a 3.4 or better GPA. My next two goals will be to graduate in the next two and half years and to pay my student debt. My last goal will be to be the healthiest individual I can possibly be. In order to accomplish my set goals, I have mapped out the next two years and a half with my academic classes that I need in order to graduate. As of right now I am not certain on what major I want to pursue but, I will use Finance for this paper. I will know by the end of this semester my declared major. My operation plan started out with the fall and spring semesters. Both semesters are focused on obtaining my prerequisites for my junior level classes. This fall I am enrolled in the…

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