Academic And Athletic Motivation Among Student Athletes Essay

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In the article “Examining Academic and Athletic Motivation among Student Athletes” I found some very interesting details about student athletes, that I had never known about before. Being a student athlete myself I know how difficult it is being in season and trying to get all the work done you need for my classes. It is very difficult to show up and get my work done on time during season because of the constant traveling my team does during the week. I find myself missing classes every other day. Some teachers are lenient with it, while others take it out on us because they have problems against student athletes. Academic Integrity is way different in our Division 2 School, as for some Division 1 Schools in the Midwest. What I found very interesting in this article is the way they said that were you come from has a tremendous effect on your academic success in the classroom. The schooling you come from before entering college. Everyone is not going to have the same academic ability, and what you score on your standardized tests might not be the same as others score. The way you were prepped for these tests plays a huge role in the classroom. School districts in a rich area are going to be much different than schooling in a very poor area. The amount of academic support in these different areas differ tremendously, teachers in poorer areas aren’t really going to stretch their necks for a student who doesn’t care about school, or actually wants to become a better student…

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