Academic Analysis Of Compensation Culture And Compensation Essay

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Academic analysis about ‘Compensation Culture’
-‘Compensation Culture’ with no compensation

Since the 1990s, the reports that cover the compensation cases increased dramatically in the mass media (Almond, 2004). There is a view that a huge number of tort cases in the ‘compensation culture’ are unjustified and unfair. In the mid-1990s, the term ‘compensation culture’ first appeared in a famous British newspaper (Levin, 1993). Actually, this is an extreme view, which will be criticized in this paper. This essay emphasizes the compensation culture is a myth (Morris, 2007). There are three reasons: Firstly, the data on the tort claims declined in recent years. Secondly, some victims do not receive the compensation or enough compensation that they deserve. Thirdly, the mass media and public organizations created the ‘compensation culture’ for interests, but the ‘culture’ does not exist actually.

The number of tort claims declined from 1997 to 2006
In some scholars’ opinion, the ‘compensation culture’ is growth and flourish in western countries (Cabinet Office, 2010). Actually, this kind of ‘culture’ is just a myth, which means it does not exist. The reliable figure shows the type of tort claims decreased from 1997 to 2006.

The number of the tort claims is too complicated to analyze (Haltom and Mccann, 1998). It can be seen that the reports about the figure of the tort claims are apparently contradictory. For example, the Pearson Commission Report in 1978…

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