Academic Achievement Of Students And Their Academics

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We think about the students and their academics. Students put time and effort while they continue to stay on the right path. Our professors are important too. They are the reason that students have the opportunity to move up to the next level. They teach students what they need to know such as skills and character. The main thing we forget to recognize is the administration of higher education. Our administrations make good leaders. They work with our students as a team to help our students become responsible and successful. “Educational leaders serve in many capacities” (College of Education, n.d., para.1). The article in College of Education continues to explain; “no matter what position an individual holds within an educational organization, all energies should be directed at maximizing the academic achievement of all students being served” (n.d., para.1). Any administration of different colleges, institutions, and universities push student encouragement. They guide our students and help them remain on the right path. Their job is valued. Education programs are worth it. I know the United States spends a great amount of money supporting higher education programs, but it benefits our students. Jeremy Carp states, “the federal government spends over $75 billion annually on higher education programs (2015, para.1). However, these different types of schools like institutions benefit from federal support. These regulations are designed to overlook these uses

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