Essay about Abusive Relationships Suffer From Battered Women 's Syndrome

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Many women who are involved in abusive relationships suffer from battered women 's syndrome, an illness that derives from the trauma of both physical and mental chronic abuse. When in these situations, many women have two choices – kill or be killed. The victims who attempt to escape these situations have a seventy-five percent chance of suffering the latter. The women that do escape from their abusive partners were likely given a true decision of life or death during their battle for freedom. When a woman murders her abusive partner, it is not out of cold blood; they do so in desperate attempt to save their own lives. When given the choice of a monster 's life and their own, not to mention possibly their children 's lives as well, the answer is obvious to them. These women suffer years of perilous, repulsive cruelty, and the decision is not always easy. Many tend to defend their abusers, claiming ridiculous excuses for their behavior; others blame themselves for the abuse. If their attacker lives, the women are more susceptible to their wrath and could easily be killed themselves. In addition, the law tends to be hesitant when excusing these unfortunate women just because of their difficult situations. One of the biggest difficulties in homicide cases involving a battered woman is proving self-defense. Truly, this is the easiest way for them to "get out" of their crime, for homicide is a crime no matter the reason. However, when proven, self-defense and battered…

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