Why Is African Slave Trade Important

Abuse, starvation, lice, dehydration, neglect. Cramped in a small room with others for months. The smells, the disease. You may think that a prison or even a slaughterhouse is being described, but no. These examples are common practice among slave ships travelling across the Middle Passage - that I witnessed while aboard - which transports not only goods but live human beings from the west coast of Africa. This deplorable action of overcrowding and harassment must be stopped from all ships carrying slaves to the Americas. From the reasons why slave trade is relevant, to the brutal lives the slaves live, to how they fight to live, these are the stories of their suffering.
When the African trade began in the late 1500s, it was only between Spain
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The negro revolts are usually aborted promptly by the crew; the crew having advanced weapons, such as rifles and pistols. A common practice for the blacks to revolt is to harm themselves, accordingly damaging the ship’s “cargo”. Many slit their wrists and throats, while some went on hunger strikes. Hence, the crew must force feed them, putting hot coal near their lips, or even pouring scalding lead directly on the slaves’ bodies at their refusal to eat. Other times, the slaves’ mouth is pried open with a contraption called speculum oris, which then allows shipmates to force feed the negroes. This results in the slaves choking, sputtering and vomiting. Because of the illnesses previously mentioned, millions of slaves are dying from them. These diseases include smallpox and ophthalmia. Ophthalmia is a highly contagious eye infection, which can cause complete blindness, sometimes even wipe out the whole ship. The African Americans that are driven mad by the conditions are brought to the top deck and beaten to death, then immediately thrown overboard. Sadly, there are still more violent ways that the negroes were killed. Those with the deadly contagious infections were thrown overboard to drown; left to die of water inhalation. The Atlantic Slave Trade is one of the most gruesome events in British history.
Overall, the Atlantic Slave trade is a brutal, inhumane way to transport negroes across countries. Stripped of basic human rights, African Americans are forced to do their captor’s bidding, even if means having to be beaten, or even raped. From the reasons why slave trade exists, to the horrid lives the slaves endure, to how they fight to even exist, the slaves must withstand all of it. God bless them and their

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