Abuse and Vulnerable Adults Essay

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Safeguarding and Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Understanding the Legislation, Regulations and Policies that underpin the protection of Vulnerable Adults

1.1 Analyse the differences between the concept of safeguarding and the concept of protection in relation to vulnerable adults

Safeguarding was defined in the Children’s Act of 1989, and is most commonly applied to children and young people under the age of eighteen. Key aspects of legislation have recently been extended to include similar standards of protection to ‘vulnerable adults’. A vulnerable adult is defined as a person aged eighteen or over, who has either a dependency upon others in the performance of, or require assistance in the performance of basic functions:
• A
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The act does not apply to those for private providers, and these services are not liable for prosecution under this act. The government is expected to review this situation soon.

The No Secrets 2000 government publication came about as a response to the ever increasing media coverage of adult abuse. The guidance insured that local authorities were responsible for developments of policies to protect the vulnerable individual through multi-agency working and set up safeguarding adults’ boards. In addition, The Care Standards Act of the same year set out the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) scheme to be rolled out on a fazed basis, being fully implemented by 2004.
The White Paper Valuing People: A New Strategy for Learning Disability published in 2001 was a land mark for people with a learning disability, setting out ways in which services would be improved, highlighting 4 main principles:
• Civil rights
• Independence
• Choice
• Inclusion
Quality of Care for vulnerable adults were set to improve in a marked way because of the changes implemented in staff training, quality control, and the response by professional bodies to address codes of practice to bring them into line with National Minimum Standards. It was the POVA scheme set out in The Care Standards Act 2000 and implemented in 2004 that went further to protect those in care from abuse by care providers. Central to POVA scheme is the POVA list of care workers who

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