Essay on Abuse And Maltreatment Of The Elderly

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We bring into reflection that the abuse and mistreatment has been current in the everyday life of many elderly civilians and are a difficult subject to approach. As we all know and understand that this situation is very unjust and something should be done about it. Many abuse and maltreatment in the elderly cases are not present and have never been reported because the elderly is afraid to report it to the police the state or friends and family because sometimes it is their own family that they are trying to protect. We as nurses or family and friend should help them to decide to either tell someone that they are being abused by someone they depend on or care for and make them understand that it is abuse and someone needs to do something to protect them and help them to live longer and peaceful. In this research I will present to you the meaning of Abuse and Maltreatment in the Elderly and what we can do to make a difference and find a change in our society.

The older population has been increasing for the last decade which causes the risk of elderly abuse to also increase. Family and friends have been extremely busy to sit home and take time to take care of the baby boomers. We all know that the elderly needs assistance to eat, drink, shower etc. This is the reason why the family put them in these nursing homes, which are designed to handle them with care because they have no time to take care of them. According to American Journal for Public Health the…

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