Abu Jahl And The Prophet Essay

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Abu Jahl, who was an opponent of Islam, one day tried to strangle Muhammad with a cloth. Abu Bakr saw this, ran over to them, and saved Muhammad from death. For this act, Abu Jahl and other enemies of Islam severely beat Abu Bakr. The beating was so severe that Abu Bakr lost consciousness and could have lost his life. When he awoke, the first thing he said was, “Is the Prophet un-hurt?" Abu Bakr did not care about his own suffering; he was more concerned about the safety of the Prophet (Companions). Such hatred towards Muhammad would not end there. Eventually, the hatred grew so that members of the elder Quraish tribe had created a plot to assassinate Muhammad. The Prophet gained wind of this plan and proceeded to escape Mecca before they were able to assassinate him. This escape, also known as the Hijjah, was planned and carried about by Abu Bakr, his family, fellow companions, and his servants. Not only was Abu Bakr the mastermind behind the escape, but he was also by the side of Muhammad the whole way. At one point when they both were hiding in a cave, Abu Bakr was worried that they would get caught. In Sura "A1-Bara 'at ' which is reading from the Quran, there is a key reference to Abu Bakr in the verse “He being the second of the two, When they were in the cave and when Muhammad said to his companion 'Grieve not, surely God is with us, ' then God came to their help, and protected them with an army which they saw not" (Companions). This is a key to the Sunni argument…

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