Abstinence Only Programs Is Ineffective At Reducing The Initiation Of Adolescents Participating

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Criticizers of abstinence-only curriculums think that abstinence-only programs are ineffective at reducing the initiation of adolescents participating in sexual activities. Rather than research showing that abstinence programs are not effective, there are simply few studies that have examined the impact of abstinence-only education on student sexual behavior (Denny & Young, 2006). The studies that are available show that abstinence-only curriculums are effective in increasing knowledge and decreasing sexual behavior. The following section will present studies that examine abstinence-only sexual education.
Family Action Model for Empowerment (FAME), an abstinence-only program, was created for parents and teens to develop more open communication, be able to discuss healthy relationships and sexual relationships, and for both the parent and child to value the choice of abstinence. FAME’s effects were measured with pretests and posttests (Abel & Greco, 2008). The difference in scores reported for the pretest and the posttest suggested a positive relationship between the intervention and participant attitude change. The result of the FAME program insinuates that FAME may be having a positive impact in family functioning for the participants who completed the intervention (Abel & Greco, 2008). The FAME program supported and strengthened the communication and personal connection between the participants and their parent. FAME also improved the participants’ self-esteem and ability…

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