Essay on Abstinence Education And Sexual Education

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The act of copulation, something that tends to be performed or thought about at least once to a majority of all American teenage students. For years the education system in America has either taught an Abstinence only curriculum or not had any form of sexual education. Until the outbreak of human immunodeficiency virus in the 1980’s the exclusively abstinence education curriculum was considered sufficient, then many professionals had to consider another scholastic approach in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases spreading. An extensive sexual education curriculum has been considered to be the best way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections among the American teenage population.
At South Umpqua High School Keri Vermillion and Mary Kuk were interviewed on the topic of abstinence education and sexual education by Edward T. Lenning. Vermillion is the current health teacher for South Umpqua. Mrs. Kuk was the previous health teacher for 33 years before retiring in spring of 2010; which after her retirement, Mrs. Vermillion ended as the health teacher in the fall of 2010. Both were asked how they felt on how important sexual education is to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, the health teachers were given a scale of one-to-ten Mrs. Kuk gave a nine while Mrs. Vermillion gave a ten and both answered that a teenage youth is going to copulate regardless of what he or she is taught in class. The health teachers both stated it is best that…

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