Absolutism Is The One And Only Essay

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Absolutism is the One and Only History abounds with tales of destructive dictatorships and the failed democracies. Which is better: governments with casualties or casual governments? Absolutism is a more expedient form of government because it is quick and painless; it provides the guidance and boundaries to keep countries and citizens out of turmoil; democracy is slow, messy, and ineffective. In the United States of America, a representative democracy, Congress takes long to do little. The Washington Informer proves this through their article “Democratic, GOP Squabbling Leads to Government Shutdown” written by journalist Barrington Salmon. On the first of October 2013, a 16-day government shutdown began due to the Congress’s inability to agree on the national budget in time. The Tea Party faction of the Republican party, led by current presidential candidate Ted Cruz, refused to pass the proposed budget because it included funding for ObamaCare, current President Obama’s universal healthcare plan. The shutdown resulted in 3.3 million government employees being told to stay home while 1.3 million continued working without assured pay. National parks, museums, government run programs such as Meals on Wheels, and some federally-funded research facilities were also closed. The shutdown cost the US government almost $55 billion (Salmon). This whole fiasco could have been avoided if certain individuals had simply taken their pride and personal opinions out of government, if…

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