Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely By John Dalberg Acton Essay

1543 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a very true statement first made by John Dalberg-Acton. This quote can describe the way police officers have evolved to be. We live in a society where police officers don’t always respect the lives of others. Many police officers use their power in corrupt ways. Law enforcement is an important aspect of our society, but sometimes moral obligations are not taken into consideration when punishing somebody for a crime. Police officer are given great power to enforce the law, but many times they use their power to hurt others, knowing that they won’t be given a harsh punishment for their actions because of the simple fact that they are police officers. Their absolute power makes them corrupt. Many Americans are killed or badly hurt by police officers for unjustifiable reasons, and this form of law enforcement is not appropriate for our society.
In 2009, a defenseless African American named Oscar Grant was fatally shot by a police officer in Oakland, California. Responding to a fight report in the train, police officers detained Grant. They pinned him to the ground, and Oscar Grant was killed by one of the officers. Grant had no firearms; he showed no signs of being dangerous, but still, he was shot. I became aware of this incident after watching the movie “Fruitvale Station,” which tells the real story of the shooting of Oscar Grant. What Oscar was doing could not justify the actions of the police officer. Grant and his friends were…

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