Absolute Monarchy: A Form Of Government

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A monarchy is a form of government where one person heads the state, whether it is a king, queen, or emperor. It is a common form of government, especially in Europe. The supreme right to rule is invested in one person, and it is hereditary so it is passed down from generations on the terms of birthright. During the middle ages the monarch held almost all power and ruled over their state. Many people even believed that the monarch had powers given to them by God. However, in modern times the monarchy has little authority and only exists for tradition and to represent as a symbol of unity.
Many monarchs wore fancy clothing and jewelry to remind their subjects of their power and status. They would often display their wealth and power in the
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In an absolute monarchy the monarch has absolute power of a state. They exercise total power over their people, however, this monarchy is counterbalanced by social classes such as the aristocracy.An example of this type of government would be the reign of King Louis XIV in France. In a constitutional monarchy the monarch’s powers are restricted by the constitution. An example of this would be the United Kingdom. The monarch has the power to enforce laws, however this power can only be exercised under the guidance of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. The United Kingdom has a parliament which has some power, thus
Other types of monarchies include elective, emirate, ethnarch, federal, hereditary, non-sovereign, popular, regency, tetrarch, and universal.
Gives an example of the form of government either from history or today An example from history:
-(“Monarchs, Greek”)
-Between the 1600s and 1100s bc, monarchies were very common in Greece
-Mycenaean age
-Most monarchies were overthrown by tyrants, but Sparta, Sicily, and Macedonia continued to thrive as a monarchy
-Even throughout the classical period, Sparta stayed as a monarchy
-Two generals from old Spartan families would rule together as

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