The Importance Of Fatherhood In The United States

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Title Today 25 percent of children in America have an absentee father (fatherhood). When something effects this many children it is time for everyone to take notice. It is time for real change to occur. The change that is needed roots lie not in loose sand but in the deep bedrock of the current culture. It is time for fathers to stand up let go of their selfishness, pride, and arrogance and return to the children and families that have suffered in their absence. The modern definition of the word father is “a man in relation to his natural child” (google-define), but in 1828 the definition was “He who feeds and supports or exercises paternal care over his children” (webstersdictionary1828). Like many things this definition has changed over …show more content…
That these children will be nine times more likely to drop out of school, and twenty times less likely to attend college.
Children living in fatherless homes have a 44 percent greater chance of living a life of poverty, and are at a much higher risk of staying in poverty for the remainder of their life. Children living in poverty have a much greater risk of drug use or committing suicide, and come from a fatherless home more than doubles those chances ( “Links between poverty and crime are strengthened by early experiences of childhood poverty” (Kingston).
Children who are raised without a father are twenty percent more likely to be convicted of a crime ( The Texas Department of Corrections reported that 80 percent of children who have fathers in prison will become incarcerated as adults.
Children of absentee fathers have great struggles facing them in the areas of education, poverty, and turning to
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Within minutes more and more men begin to mow their lawns all across that neighborhood. It is human nature not to want to be out done by one another. One man beings to clean up his lawn and those around him begin to follow. From that image comes a theory, the mowed lawn theory, that if one person or a community were to outwardly change that the people and areas around them would look at their mess and want to change their ways as well. How does this effect the epidemic of fatherlessness? What causes men to leave their children? Men leave due to selfishness, crime, and the culture. So if individuals were to live in selflessness, live with honor towards the law, and to create a culture that promotes fatherhood by promoting integrity, and teaching respect for women and women being people who men can’t help but respect. These changes could spread across cities, states, and nations creating a worldwide cure to an epidemic plaguing the

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