Absence Of Malice Analysis

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‘Absence of Malice’: How good intentions form bad outcomes
Do these things really happen in the real life?
One who watched the motion picture titled “Absence of Malice” would ask such question. The movie appeared to have a disputable subject since it was about indecent journalistic practices. What made its topic arguable is that these obscene practices were fused with romanticization; making the movie looked like a story of a love affair with a taste of melodramatic revenge. Unfortunately, due to this undeniable characteristic of the movie, it was made hard for some viewers to realize what the movie was informing the audience.
The movie revolved around the busy lives of Megan Carter (Sally Field) and Michael Gallagher (Paul Newman). Carter
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There were different ways of obtaining information. The best and appropriate way to do it was with consent of the source of details. Through this, a reporter would be able to get information and verify them. Unfortunately, Carter did the wrong way. She gained access of information without really asking the source for permission. In some cases, such action can be used against a reporter if there would be a lawsuit that concerns disseminating false data. In addition, Carter was not able to verify what she discovered from the file; another wrong move for a newsperson. What is worst is that she published unverified information in news and attributed it to “knowledgeable sources,” which was, truly, suspicious.
The disastrous entanglement of Peron with the case is what every reporter must avoid. A life cannot be wasted while covering issues and reporting news. Carter learned this in the hard way. She did not only become disheartened, she was also assaulted by Gallagher who did such out of anger and sadness of losing a friend whom she cared for dearly. It should always be remembered that such unpleasant happening can leave a reporter physically and emotionally

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